HI THERE! My name is Ariana Frances Fondry Wammer and I am a native Vermonter. I have lived in Vermont my entire life and I love it here! I love the people, I love the summer by the lake, I love the crisp falls and the snowy winters. When I am not out on location you can probably find me at my house in Westford with my husband, Erik and two cats, Mignon and Nisse. I like playing sports as well. In the summer months I am not only busy shooting weddings but on the week nights you can find me on the soccer, softball and frisbee fields! During the winter months I also enjoy basketball and indoor soccer.



Interesting question- I had quite the debate when trying to decide what my business name would be. I wanted to be original, I wanted it to represent me, and I wanted people to recognize it. So instead of going with Ariana Wammer Photography I chose The Photo Foundry. This name has a couple of explanations: first, my maiden name was Fondry – so this was a play off my maiden name. Second, a foundry is the casting or creation of metals so by naming my business The Photo Foundry it would mean the creation of photos!



It all started in college. I took a black and white film class where we had to develop the photos in a dark room ourselves. If there ever was a best way to learn how to become a photographer I think participating in one of these classes would be it.  In this digital day and age, many people go about snapping a million images and are bound to catch a good moment. However, with film you have to be more deliberate in your shot, make sure everything is exposed and set up properly – there is a lot more to think about before you press the button. This experience in my Saint Michael’s College photography class was what helped me develop my ‘eye’ for photos. Everyone has a certain style to their shots and what I see could be very different from someone else, and that’s what makes photography great!